aha! Training Company
The aha! team has over 15 years experience in management and leadership in for-profit and non-profit
arenas including training and development, office administration, organizational effectiveness, and
community and committee expansion. The work and volunteer experience of the team include public
speaking, volunteer coordination, motivational speaking, recruiting, accounting, and other activities
related to the community, associations, leadership, and leading others and evaluating their

Work and studies involved:
Board Competencies in an Organizationally Effective Nonprofit Organization after Hurricane Katrina,
New Orleans, Louisiana
    This research evaluated the competencies of nonprofit boards of directors as related to
    organizational effectiveness in the New Orleans, Louisiana areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.
    The evaluation resulted in the development of best practices for boards of nonprofit agencies in
    situations dealing with organizational effectiveness after disasters.

Importancia de la Educación Superior para el Desarrollo Económico Nacional (Importance of Higher
Education for National Economic Development), Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala City, Guatemala
    Keynote speaker at MBA program opening of the College of Economic Sciences. Discussed
    university curriculum with local business leaders to assess community and organizational needs.

Academic Course and Curriculum Assessor for Atlantic International University, Honolulu, Hawaii
    Evaluate undergraduate and graduate programs in Spanish and English as well as translate and
    prepare document from Spanish to English and vice-versa

Subject Matter Expert in Course Development and Professional Development Programs for Rasmussen
College, Inc, Minnetonka, Minnesota
    Provide insight and advice on effectively running the faculty mentoring program and peer
    evaluation of faculty members to enhance teaching capabilities. Develop courses for online
    delivery: eMarketing Strategies and Techniques, Business Capstone Course, Applied Internet
    Marketing, Strategic Management, Internet Consumer Behavior, Search Engine Marketing.
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