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Board Development
The responsibility for governing
organizations rests with the
board of directors. These
individuals are from various
backgrounds that volunteer
their time to a particular
organization. The composition
of the board of directors should
vary depending on the specific
needs of the organization. The
variance could be cyclical or
technological, young or mature,
domestic or international.

What we do
Several board performance
models exist that are designed
to outline the elements of
effective board of directors.
These models can help
determine the effectiveness of
the organization based on the
performance of the board
members. We will help
organization leaders on what
overall performance they should
have for the organization to be
Organizational Effectiveness
Many models of effectiveness
consider the internal functioning
of an organization as a critical
element of effectiveness. The
primary concerns of
effectiveness models deal with
organizational strategy,
information management,
leadership roles, and human
resource structure. The general
conclusion is that an
organization is effective based
on the internal structure and
processes being efficient and
functioning smoothly.

What we do
The organizations’ leaders must
examine their goals and needs in
order to determine a best action
to adapt. We assist organizations
set the minimum standards of
excellence and help in the
creation of an action plan to
maintain these standards.
Best Practices Identification
Best practices for board of
director management exist;
however, instead of adopting
any given practice, an
organization must discover and
continually seek to improve its
practices. The important issue is
to customize the best practices
to match the organization's
mission, values, and
expectations. Many best
practices can be incorporated
into any one organization.
However, these practices may
only be a place to start.

What we do
Every organization is different;
therefore, we help each
individual organization develop
performance measures around
industry existing best practice
and create a process for its
execution and evaluation in
order to have the best
customized practices that are
unique to the organization.
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How it's done
You are probably wondering how we do this. Well, we conduct independent research studies of
each organization and share the full results, analysis, and conclusions. The study uses self-
assessment questionnaires as well as an excellence standards audit. The purpose of these is to
assess the competencies individuals possess within the organization and to determine the
organization’s level of effectiveness.

Because non-profit organizations can be unique, a qualitative method of study closely relates the
results of research to the organization or field studied. However, a quantitative method is more
suitable for this type of study. Quantitative research attempts precise measurement of the data. In
business, it can be used to gauge consumer behavior, knowledge, and attitudes. Therefore, we will
utilize a mixture of these methods.

The data will then be analyzed according to our system of corresponding research questions to the
specific sections of information needed (may that be organizational effectiveness or something
else). We will also determine the effectiveness of the organization as well as contribute to general
observations for best practices purposes.