Distance Learning Alliance
Distance Learning Alliance is a free guide to numerous brick and
mortar traditional universities that offer degrees online. These
programs are not publicly advertised as heavily as some other
schools advertise.  This is because the majority of their students
and money comes from traditional operations.  The majority of the
schools in this list are the colleges and universities we would have
to attend if the distance learning revolution would not have

These are traditional and
state universities that offer online degree
programs, but you do not generally see in other online degree
guides.  Those other guides focus on schools that draw the majority
of their business from online students, which is not to diminish their
work or schools they represent.

We, at Distance Learning Alliance, focus on institutions of higher
learning that draw the great majority of their business the traditional
way, but realized that there is a market for online degree programs.

We must bring up the topic of
accreditation.  All of the schools
named in this site are fully accredited by a
Higher Learning
Commission and has been verified before being placed on this
site.  These schools did not ask to be placed on this guide nor do
they provide any funding to appear in these pages.  This online
degree guide is purely the result of years of searching for the right

Distance Learning Alliance wishes you the best in your academic
search and journey.  Let us know how we can do better or how else
we may be of assistance to you.