Distance Learning Alliance
Alabama has some major brick and mortar universities that are branching into
distance education.  Degrees are offered in varied majors and are offered online and
hybrid through state universities in Alabama.

Auburn University was founded in 1856 and is one of the largest universities in the
southern states.  When visiting the website one would venture to academics and
then the distance education link.   Auburn offers online masters degrees in
business, education, engineering, human services, and a non-traditional Doctor of
Pharmacy program.  

The University of Alabama established in 1818 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama offers a
variety of distance education programs.  Once on the main page, follow the link to
academics, then continuing education, and there it is at the bottom; the distance
education link.  Their online degree programs include bachelors and masters in
fields including arts and science, commerce and business, communication and
information sciences, education, engineering, human environmental sciences, law,
nursing, and social science. The University of Alabama also offers doctoral
programs in higher education and instructional leadership.

The University of North Alabama’s distance education site is a lot easier to locate;
simply go over academics and click on distance learning.  UNA located in Florence,
Alabama offers a variety of online course, but it seems that only two online degree
programs.  They have an RN to BSN online degree program as well as Master of
Business Administration programs.  The Online MBA program of study begins each
January, June, and September.

The University of South Alabama located in Mobile, Alabama offers online distance
education courses in health, arts and sciences, education, engineering, medicine,
nursing, business, and computer science.  The online courses can be located in the
academics page at the very bottom of the list in red as USA Online.  

The University of West Alabama established in 1835 is located in the small town of
Livington, Alabama.   This is the first website of this small search that  contained a
link to online degree programs on the front page.  The main focus is in on
Masters online degrees including counseling, teaching, library services,
and education.  UWA offers two Bachelors level online degrees, which
are in technology and business administration.