Colleges and
Distance Learning Alliance
The University of Alaska includes three main
separately accredited urban universities in Fairbanks,
Anchorage and Juneau, and has a dozen community
campuses all around Alaska.  The University offers
over 400 degree programs including online degrees
from Associates to Masters including the following
AAS in Nursing, Management, B.B.A., and Master of
Arts in Teaching amongst many other online degrees
and subjects matter.  

Associates in Nursing, Business Administration,
Computer Information & Office Systems, and
Information Technology Specialist Program

Bachelors in Accounting, B.B.A. and General
Business, B.B.A.

Masters in Arctic Engineering, Criminal Justice
Management, Early Childhood Education, M.Ed,
Educational Technology, M.A.T., Reading, M.Ed,
Early Childhood Education, M.A.T., Master of Public
Administration, M.P.A., Rural Development
Social Work, and Master of Arts in Teaching

Interestingly enough, no other universities based in
Alaska were found to offer online degree programs.
At least, there were not as obviously stated in a
multiple page-level manual search.