Colleges and
Distance Learning Alliance
Arizona State University’s distance education
degree programs were a little hard to find at first.
From the main page, you click on Prospective
Students, then Extended Education, and that’s when a
link into Online Learning can be seen, which pops up
the ASU Online website. ASU offers a Bachelor of
Arts in History and several Master online degrees to
include Engineering, Business Administration,
Technology, and Graphic Information Technology .

Northern Arizona University has 30 campuses
across the state offering nearly 100 undergraduate
degrees and over 50 graduate degrees. The distance
learning link is clearly located along the top page
menu keys.  NAU offers 19 undergraduate online
degrees including Computer Technology, Childhood
Education, Humanities, and various Management
fields.  NAU’s 17 graduate online degrees include
Education, Nursing, Administration, Engineering,
Mathematics, Communication, and English.

The University of Arizona is the first university in the
Arizona territory and was established in 1885. The
distance learning page can be easily located under
prospective students. UA offers many classes online,
but only two easily visible graduate online degrees in
Engineering and Optical Sciences.