Colleges and
Distance Learning Alliance
Southeastern University is a private, non-profit
institution of higher education that was established in
1879. Southeastern University offers masters online in
Business Administration and Information Systems. SEU
also has various online bachelor degree programs to
include Liberal Studies, Business Management,
Information Systems, Non Profit Management, and
associates online in Child Development.

Strayer University founded as Strayer’s Business
College of Baltimore City expanded to Washington, D.
C. in 1904. Strayer University Online offers a large
variety of online degree programs at the undergraduate
and graduate levels. Some of these online degrees are
in Business Administration, Information Systems,
Accounting, Computer Networking, and Health Services

SCHOOL SEARCHING TIP: Here's something that
should make you look or think twice.  The school's web
address is not an .edu site.  This should raise a flag and
it is recommended to invest more time in your search for
its validity.  Going to the
Department of Education
website would be a great start.