Your Guide to Online Degrees
by Traditional Universities
Distance Learning Alliance
Distance Learning Alliance presents Your Guide to Online
Degrees from Traditional Universities.

Believe it or not many
state colleges and universities offer
accredited online degrees.  The same traditional brick and
mortar universities that have been in existence for hundreds of
years are now entering the distance education world by offering
online degrees. It can be difficult
selecting an online school.

Distance Education has been in existence since the late
eighteen hundred as utilized by major universities in the form of
correspondence courses.  This method of education provided
off-campus learning opportunities for millions in the country.  
Today, distance education has become more accessible and
convenient, with a degree of guidance, to take such distance
education correspondence courses with the use of the Internet,
also known as online learning.  

Accredited and legitimate distance education provides the
student with viable and recognized learning and the ability and
flexibility for higher education that is achievable without greatly
disrupting life.  Online learning can be more challenging as is
more involving and engaging of the student than the classroom
setting were a student can go along without much interaction
with others.  Online learning success requires personal
discipline, time management, and other expediency and
efficiency skills from both the student and facilitator.  
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