Distance Learning Alliance
The University of Iowa is a major nationally recognized
research university located on a nearly 2,000-acre campus in
Iowa City in southeast Iowa. The University offers several online
degree programs both undergraduate and graduate. They offer
fully undergraduate online degrees in Bachelor of Applied
Studies, Bachelor of Liberal Studies, and RN-BSN Program.
Their online graduate degrees include a Master of Arts in
Educational Administration, Master of Science in Nursing (MSN),
and Master of Social Work (MSW).

Upper Iowa University has 6,000 students, internationally and
nationally, it was founded in 1857 and it is a not for profit private
university. Upper Iowa University  offers online Bachelor Degrees
and Master Degrees. Here are some of the online Bachelor
Degrees: Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Human
resource Management, Management, Marketing, Criminal
Justice, Emergency and Disaster Management, Health Services
Administration, Human Services, Psychology, Public
Administration, and Social Science.  Here are two of the online
Master Degrees: Public Administration and Business

Ashford University was founded in 1918.  Ashford University
offers the following online bachelor degree programs:
Accounting, Business Administration, Communication Studies,
Health Care Administration, Organizational Management,
Psychology, Public Relations and Marketing, Social and Criminal
Justice, Social Science, Sociology, and in Sports and
Recreation Management.  Online Master Degrees programs in
Business Administration, Organizational Management, and
Teaching and Learning w/ Technology.