Distance Learning Alliance
Brescia University, founded in 1950, is located near the Ohio
River in Owensboro, Kentucky. The campus has 22 buildings and
still growing.  A college education is very important, therefore
they bring the classroom to you. The online degree programs are
affordable, convenient, and very flexible to people's busy lives.  
They include the following online degrees: Bachelor of Arts in
Theology with Emphasis in Pastoral Studies and the Bachelor of
Social Work.

Morehead State University is located in Rowan County, which
is in  the foothills of the Daniel Boone National Forest.  The first
institution in Kentucky to offer a complete online degree
programs.  MSU’s online degree programs: Here are the
Bachelor Degree's we offer online:  Science, General Studies,
Health Services.  They offer graduate online degrees in
Education, English, Business Administration, and School

Sullivan University has been around for more than 45 years
and it is a private institution of higher learning.  At Sullivan
University you can earn your degree by taking all your classes
online.  SU offers fully online bachelor degrees in Business
Administration, Human Resource Leadership, and in Hospitality
Management.  Online master degrees include: Business
Administration, Human Resource Leadership, and Managing
Information Technology.
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