Colleges and
Distance Learning Alliance
The University of Baltimore was founded in 1925. It
became a state institution in 1975, and today is part of the
University System of Maryland. When visiting the website
one would venture to Academics and then the Online
Programs link.  University of Baltimore offers several online
business degrees.  The webBachelor’s is a complete online
upper-division undergraduate business degree program
leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Business and
a webMBA offers students a chance to complete their M.B.
A. entirely online.  Another online program offered is a
specialization through the webMPA is Public and Nonprofit

Founded in 1947,
University of Maryland University
is one of 11 accredited, degree-granting
institutions in the University System of Maryland (USM).
Offering a broad range of cutting-edge classes, UMUC has
earned a global reputation for excellence.  From the main
page click on Prospective Students then Online Majors and
Minors for undergraduate programs or for graduate school
Online Study and Graduate School.  Bachelor degrees
include Accounting Business Administration,
Communication, Computer Science, Criminal Justice,
English, Finance, Gerontology, History, Humanities,
Marketing, Psychology, and Social Science.  Graduate
programs include business, education, management,
accounting, finance, health care, and information technology.