North Dakota
Colleges and
Distance Learning Alliance
Organized as a system in 1990, the North Dakota
System is made up of 11 public colleges
and universities.  The online degree programs and
courses of the North Dakota University System
campuses have experienced significant growth since
April 2001 with two online degree programs in 2001
to the present 53 online undergraduate and graduate
degrees available.  On the North Dakota University
System website, click on Student and Parent
information to find more information on Distance

Undergraduate online degrees include Business,
Education, Finance, General Studies, Information
Systems, Management, Engineering, Social Science,
and Sociology.  Graduate online degree programs
include Special Education, Public Administration,
Nursing, Mass Communication, Management
Information Systems, Instructional Design, and
Technology Education, Library and Information
Technologies, Teaching and Technology, Counseling,
Business, and Economics.
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