Distance Learning Alliance
Utah State University was founded in 1888 and has become
nationally and internationally recognized.  USU is 80 miles
northeast of Salt Lake City, located in the city of Logan in
northern Utah's Cache Valley.  For more than 90 years they have
delivered programs statewide and now offer online classes to
students so they may complete their education without having to
worry about being tied to a time or place. The online bachelor
degrees are in Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education,
Family Life Studies, and Psychology with an online master’s
degree in English.

Weber State University is located in the foothills of the
Wasatch Mountains, on the western flank of the Rockies and was
founded in 1889.  The multi-campus university is in Ogden, Utah
in Davis County. With over 18,000 students at Weber State
University, offers various online degrees for the busy students
and adults that are wanting to further their education.  The online
bachelor degrees offered are in Clinical Laboratory Science,
Health Information Management, and Health Services
Administration.  Online Associate Degree's are offered in
General Studies, Clinical Laboratory Technician, Health
Information Technology, and Criminal Justice.

SCHOOL SEARCHING TIP: Verify the school's accreditation
through the
accrediting body's website.  Another place to get
information on your institution of interest is the
Better Business
Bureau. This is the best way to protect your intellectual asset.  
Happy Hunting!
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