Distance Learning Alliance
Champlain College has focused on providing working
adults flexibility to pursue their education whether it is for
personal gain or for career advancement.  Champlain is
a private, non-profit college that has been around since
1878.  They offer online master degree as well as online
programs at the bachelor level. Champlain’s online
bachelor degrees offered are in: Accounting, Business
Management, Professional Studies, Software
Development, and Website Development &
Administration.  Here are two of the online master
degrees offered: Master of Business Administration and
Master of Science in Managing Innovation & IT.

Interestingly enough, no other universities based in
Delaware were found to offer online degree programs.
At least, there were not as obviously stated in a multiple
page-level manual search.

SCHOOL SEARCHING TIP: Verify the school's
accreditation through the
accrediting body's website.  
Another place to get information on your institution of
interest is the
Better Business Bureau. This is the best
way to protect your intellectual asset.  Happy Hunting!
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