West Virginia
Colleges and Universities
Online Degree Programs
Distance Learning Alliance
West Virginia University’s Extended Learning Office is the source
of online classes and other off-campus courses. While it seems that
the WVU does not offer a full online degree program, they have an
extensive variety of online classes available to its students.

Mountain State University located in Beckley, West Virginia
offers various online degree programs and majors. Some of these
include Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Aviation, Business
Administration, Computer Science, Information Technology, Health
Studies, Organizational Leadership, Nursing, Psychology, Religious
Studies, Social Work, and much more. The also offer online
associate degree program in some of the above subjects and

Marshal University’s offers an online Masters of Arts in
Elementary or Secondary Education. MU does not offer many fully
online degrees, but they do offer the Regents Bachelor of Arts
Degree as many other West Virginia schools as well as an
Associate of Arts Degree in Transfer Studies and Associate of
Applied Science Degree in Public Library Technology.