Wyoming Colleges and Universities
Distance Learning Alliance
Our search located one institution in the state of Wyoming
offering online degree programs, which is listed below.

University of Wyoming offers a variety of online degree
programs under their “Outreach Credit Programs.” Some of the
online degrees offered at UW include Undergraduate degrees
in Applied Science, Business Administration Online, and
Criminal Justice. There are several others that are scheduled
to start Fall 2008. UW also offers online graduate degrees
such as their Executive MBA Online, and subjects like
Kinesiology and Health, Nurse Educator Option, Public
Administration, Speech-Language Pathology, Social Work,
and various Education online degree options.

SEARCH TIP: Make certain that you have triple checked the
online program’s accreditation. First, they tell you what it is,
then you go to that accrediting bodies website (not through the
link provided by the school), and thirdly you would visit the
department of education to see what they have to say. Do your
diligent research into the institutions once you have narrowed
down to a couple. You can look at the Better Business Bureau
for more information of the college.